Belgian Economic Mission to Norway #BEmissionNOR
Departure in:
  • Brussels country flag
  • Oslo country flag

Transportation and luggage

International flight to Oslo, SN 2283

Sunday 16 June 2024, 15:20 - 17:20  International flight from Brussels to Oslo

13:20 Check-in at Brussels Airport

15:20 Flight from Brussels to Oslo with Brussels Airlines (SN 2283)

17:20 Arrival at Oslo Airport 

Flight duration is 2 hours.

International flight to Brussels, SN 2284

Wednesday 19 June 2024, 18:10 - 20:10 International flight from Oslo to Brussels

16:10 Check-in at Oslo Airport.

18:10 Flight from Oslo to Brussels with Brussels Airlines (SN 2284)

20:10 Arrival at Brussels Airport

Flight duration is 2 hours.

Check-in procedure at Brussels Airport

On Sunday 16 June, Ms. Daphné Hidalgo y Martinez of the Belgian Foreign Trade Agency will welcome you at Brussels Airport, more specifically at the Brussels Airlines check-in and luggage drop off counter.

About the luggage for the passengers travelling with the group

Luggage with the sticker and luggage tag from the Belgian Economic Mission to Norway will be identified by Belgian authorities, local authorities and the hotel staff as belonging to a participant of the Mission. It is therefore in your best interest to stick them on your suitcases during the Mission. 

On Brussels Airlines flights, Business class travellers are allowed to bring 2 pieces of max 32 kg each as checked luggage (luggage dimensions L+W+H = max 158cm or 62”), 2 pieces of max 8 kg (23x40x55cm max) as hand luggage and one personal accessory.

Economy class travellers can bring 1 piece of max 23 kg as checked luggage (luggage dimensions L+W+H = max 158cm or 62”), 1 piece of max 8 kg (23x40x55cm max) as hand luggage and one personal accessory.