Belgian Economic Mission to Mexico
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Economic information

This section contains all useful economic information prepared in view of the Belgian Economic Mission to Mexico. Below is an overview of the most important economic indicators. For more detailed information, please consult the studies and notes available in Dutch and French.


In general (2017 - estimates):
GDP 1,149.0 billion USD
Growth of real GDP 2.0%
Inflation of consumer prices 6.0%
Goods: exports (FOB) 406.5 billion USD
Goods: imports (FOB) 417.3 billion USD
Trade balance -10.8 billion USD
Population 124.6 million
Unemployment rate 3.6%
Main customers (2017):
in % of total
Main supplier (2017):
in % of total
United States 79.9 United States 46.4
    China 17.7
    Japan 4.3
Main exports
Manufactured goods
Vehicles and auto parts
Main imports
Metalworking machines
Steel mill products

Agricultural machinery